Introducing LINKS SB4 Platform

Stay FAR Ahead of Competition by Putting External Suppy Chain and Economic Data to Use With SB4 Machine Learning Platform

– Up to 10% additional revenue

– Up to 2-5% higher margins

SB4 platform translates external supply chain economic and business data into better margins and revenues

  • No need for upfront investment
  • No commitments, no long integration processes
  • All external data already available for decision making
  • Objective calculation of value delivered


LINKS SB4 platform was developed in collaboration with the largest financial institutions – clients of LINKS Analytics to “pick the low hanging fruit” of data-driven decision-making.

SB4 consolidates thousands of external data items along the whole supply network of your company. Data items include client product prices and volumes, financial market data, including company earnings, commodity prices, macroeconomic data. Multiple machine learning algorithms then reliably forecast the current and future pricing environment for your products for up to six months ahead.

  • Thousands of pre-populated external data items with their relationship to the company’s products and businesses
  • Machine Learning methods establish the ability of each data “agent” to impact changes in prices, capacity and volumes of your products and those of your clients, suppliers and competition.
  • A voting engine uses forecasts of multiple ML models and their accuracy to arrive at a “machine consensus”. The final forecast is based on consolidating the advice of ALL data agents.

Value Realisation

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