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The world is becoming more complex and interconnected. The pace of change is accelerating. It’s no longer sufficient to know only your corner of the world or the industry.

More than a decade of supply chain data analysis helping our clients to manage the complex environment. Easy to access, clear to read and easily achievable improvement in ROI.

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“Our competitors and clients are consolidating, leaving us with informational disadvantage, as they gain access to broader data and invest in data analytics to improve price setting and capacity utilisation. How can we catch up or do better than the competition in data-driven pricing and capacity utilization decisions without years of development and significant infrastructure investments? “


“In the financial industry we ‘forecast’ the future by translating historical probability distributions of outcomes into the future. If there is no history (Brexit, Covid), we are in limbo. In other industries, Agent Based Models have been used for years to tackle the issue of absence of history. How do we build more robust investment allocation when analysing scenarios with unprecedented events?”