DiVe regional development initiative co-organised by LINKS

RDF of Armenia and its partners – LINKS Analytics, PEM Consult and iPricot, will hold a new format of a start-up event – Distributed Venture (DiVe) Gavar. The DiVe is a regional empowerment initiative aimed at improving the local economy of Gavar, Armenia – a small regional centre.
The DiVe concept is simple: international participants with global industry expertise will contribute their start-up ideas and support for niche (normally B2B) apps, and the DiVe team will put together a team of software engineers and project management based in Gavar to develop the app.
The DiVe platform is not for every entrepreneur. In fact, most entrepreneurs would find that they lack control and say in the implementation process. The Distributed Venture is designed for individuals who find it comfortable to work in teams of experts. The added benefit is that your risk is far more limited: DiVe is a way to see your idea implemented without ever quitting your current employer (if you choose to) and having a small stake in the company.
Our first event – DiVe Gavar will take place in Dusseldorf, on October 21, 2016. You can access the event page here.