A virtual reality of the global economy


There is much information, accessible 24/7 on all devices. Falling passenger car sales volumes, for instance, are bad for car makers. This is a no brainer: everyone sells at the same time. But what if there is more to that news item? Automobile manufacturers buy parts from European companies, who in turn buy materials from miners in Russia, who use equipment made by mining equipment manufacturers in the US. LINKS Mira tracks large events globally and maps their impact on the companies and industries you invest in. Automated analysis along the supply chains delivers actionable, accurate signals for investments.

Commodity and product prices shift on the daily basis, large public companies report results, statistical bureaus publish statistics – all of these news may have a potentially detrimental effect on your investments a quarter or two down the road. LINKS Mira assesses the impact of these events on the industries and companies of your choice and signals the danger months ahead of the impact.


Mira not only tracks major events, but also allows the user to simulate an event. What if oil prices fall by twenty percent? What happens if food prices continue to increase? Mira will assess the likely impact of these events on all industries and companies, including secondary and tertiary effects along the supply chain, and will give you clarity in terms of the trading strategy in the given scenario.


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