LINKS Analytics B.V. provides technology rich investment management solutions to institutional and private investors.


The mission of LINKS is enabling and spreading network-based decision making. Our unique and proven methodology of estimating the degree of systemic risk is based on the assessment of asset valuation dislocations globally (Graham Risk) and the degree of interconnectedness and concentration.

Our clients gain intuitive understanding of dominant environmental risks at the phase of systemic risk build-up and prior to volatility spikes, when hedging is still affordable. This knowledge is then translated into investment policy in terms of changes in asset allocation and hedging actions. LINKS methodology is used on a stand-alone basis or integrated with an existing asset-only or asset-liability investment framework. (Network Risk).

Peter Kolthof

Partner, strategy

Taron Ganjalyan

Partner, managing director

Thijs Jochems

Partner, strategy

Gevik Babakhani

Partner, technology

As a small entrepreneurial firm LINKS strives to create a working environment that reflects its values:
  • Freedom to create: best ideas come from unexpected sources.
  • Responsibility: things are done on time and at a certain level of quality. We are expected to be available when there is need.
  • Integrity: nothing makes a relationship break quicker than a lie. LINKS has zero tolerance for cheating (colleagues, clients, suppliers, press). Life is too short for that!