Build your independent advisory business with the assistance and resources required to succeed.

The world is moving away from fixed employment. The regimented hierarchical corporate structures just can’t cope with the pace of change. Unfortunately, building independent advisory practice from scratch is not easy: one has to build a product, a network and market, while funding this process from own savings. A challenge for a new adviser is existing client references: a typical chicken or egg situation. We came up with LINKS Adviser-Partner Program to help independent advisers build their business and clients get the advice and coverage they need.

LINKS will give access to our system, research and data warehouse that was built over the last decade to independent advisers for free. Advisers introduce the systems and their services on the back of LINKS frameworks to the clients as a first-point of contact. Client revenues are shared between LINKS and adviser-partners, whereby advisers retain all advisory revenue. The sales cycle is extremely long in the institutional market, but advisers do not have to wait; LINKS will compensate for every introductory meeting with a qualified client. This will provide the necessary cash flow before your future clients are convinced of the value that we can deliver.

If you have questions about this program, please send us an email at app [at] or simply sign up to get in touch – you can always opt out later.


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